Welcome to our first Monday Challenge! SKOL SCOUT! The Minnesota Vikings certainly have a challenge ahead of them and Scout will be cheering! Most of our challenges will be bodyweight focused so you can do them anywhere. Once in a while, I will sneak a dumbbell or med ball in there. We encourage you to send your videos to us and let us know how you did. Some weeks we will have prizes and will require video proof of your completed challenge. The challenge will vary in time and circuits. We may share your video on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Get your friends, co-workers, and family involved and make it fun!

Challenge #1

This is a 4 minute challenge. Complete as many rounds as possible with good form.

4 min. AMRAP

4 Squats
4 Supermans
4 Full sit ups
4 Squat jumps

Squats: These should be with your heels pressed firmly into the floor, and drop your rear as close to the floor as possible. It should feel like you are trying to sit down onto a chair or bench. Remember to pop through your hips as you stand back up. Try to avoid bending over (which will happen with limited hip mobility or tight hamstrings). Keep your head up and back straight.

Full sit ups: Keep your feet flat on the ground with your knees bent. Your back and shoulders should touch the ground and sit up to touch you feet.

Shoot me any questions you may have a good luck! GET IT!

-The Trainer