And here we go with our first workout Wednesday! Next week my "demonstrator" will help us with a video. I am looking forward to having you all meet her! This week you are stuck with YouTube videos for examples.

We have been working on the list of spring to fall runs and events that we will share with you all soon. It is so good to have short term goals to keep us accountable for our health and fitness. This time of year is particularly interesting with many folks making resolutions and just having our Minnesota weather keep people inside for the next several months. Scout did not seem to have any issues with the cold today but I couldn't feel my fingers after throwing the ball for exactly 6 minutes. For those of you that don't know, Scout is the most adorable Blue Heeler that exisits on this earth and I tend to talk about her quite often. When we had our studio, she was an important member of the community.

I do want to preface this blog with saying to you that AX Fitness has always been about real people, who look like real people. Yes, we have had some athletes and I trained sports teams but our community was and is about real people. A fitness lifestyle is one that needs support from others going through similar struggles and also experiencing success on all levels. We need each other, count on each other, and give to each other. That is what this blog, and the continuation of our community, is about. Today's cover photo is a real couple who I am currently working with. I am so proud of them both for overcoming fears and obstacles and sticking with their decision to live a healthy life together.

Squat Thruster Magic: You will need one set of medium dumbbells. You can go heavier and cut the interval time down. You can go lighter and do more rounds. You will need a lighter set for the standing fly. 40 seconds work then 20 second rest. Complete 4-6 rounds for a complete body workout. Rock it out!

40/20. 4-6 rounds.