Welcome to Monday Challenge #2! Keep the videos and feedback coming, we LOVE to hear from you! For those AX Members who were with me for a few years, you know that January is always Burpee Month. I started Burpee Month the second year of AX Fitness because I wanted to see how many different versions of burpees I could come up with for a workout. I believe I have maxed out at around 41.

The next year, a group of us were to training for the Spartan Race. In this particular obstacle course race, if you fail an obstacle you are must do 30 Burpees. 30 Chest-to-floor burpees. Not half burpees, squat thrusters, nor modified burpees, but the REAL deal. The ball buster of burpees and 30 of them. Not 10, 15, or 20, but THIRTY! Some of you more athletic types may be thinking that doesn't seem too hard. If you are, I challenge you to run a Spartan Race and report back. At any rate, this became the standard for January to get ourselves in top burpee condition and everyone that did not run the Spartan Race got to benefit from our program.

It is true that some people simply hate burpees, feel somewhat tortured by them, and would rather do just about anything else, but I feel like most of the AX Members understood the overall benefit of this full body movement. Check out this throwback article about why I love burpees

For this week's challenge we will go with BURPEES! ROCK THIS THING OUT!

Trainer OUT!


This is a 3 minute challenge to complete as many burpees as possible. Remember that you must move quickly but also pace yourself just a bit. Keep good form start to finish.

3 min. AMRAP

Chest-to-floor burpees
Half-burpees (sprawls)
Modified burpees