Here is a list of events that a couple of us came up with that looked reasonable and fun. We'd like some feedback on which races you want to commit to so we can narrow down the list. I am not committing to all of these myself but I will indicate the ones I am most interested in.

I'd like to get a team race shirt, maybe I know someone who could design one for us. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one of those and maybe that someone will get to work on a design. :-)

Take a peek at the races below and please indicate your interest ASAP so we can get an official list out. Feel free to comment right on this blog post.

Brewery Running Series - There are a bunch of these. Which ones are your favorites?

Wednesday Workout #3: Med Ball Bounty

Equipment: Med ball (6-12 lbs), a concrete wall.

Scale to your fitness level:
10-20 Reps
3-5 rounds

Standing slams - right/front/left

Squat with a wall toss

Lateral wall toss, right

Lateral wall toss, left

Sit up and twist

Sit up and toss

Med ball burpees