Today is was pouring out, but I still had one person show up for run day. THANK YOU to my friend Jenn for showing up and sharing the fun! We were drenched but it sure felt great to be out in the warm summer rain!

I remember so many years ago running in any weather... heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and sometimes blizzards. Nothing fazed me, but rain was my favorite with giant puddles! Some of my best races were run in the pouring rain. I am not sure why, but I felt so happy in those moments, and so invincible!

It is important that we all find that kind of joy with our fitness. Until we do, it is hard to commit, get the results we want, or set goals for ourselves. Some people work out because they know they should but they don't enjoy it and they often don't find success. They dread working out and may view it as a chore or punishment. We have to create a healthy relationship with our training. We need to make it fun and meaningful. Whether you train for a sport, weight loss, or so you can drink beer... find your joy with your training.

Attention! The training schedule for this week is limited. We will have our normal Tuesday group training. If you are off work this week, you should come to training Thursday AM. Please get signed up, so we know how many to expect. Friday night group training is still tentative and may not be available. We will be back to our normal training schedule July 9th. You will also need to let me know if you plan to join run group on Sunday(7/7&7/14).

Here are a few videos from class. Keep moving, find your joy, and come by for class soon!

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