There are a variety of basic exercises that we should all do on a regular basis. We should be incorporating full body exercises like burpees but also more muscle specific ones like planks, pull ups, squats and of course push ups which all target more specific areas but help to create overall fitness. And lets face reality... push ups are difficult for the majority of the population and some folks who think they are doing them correctly aren't and are not getting the full benefit of proper push ups. Quite honestly, they look ridiculous when they think they are doing them right and pop right up after a set of 10... chest puffed up... looking around to see if anyone caught how magnificent they just were.

As a trainer, push ups should be easy for me but they are not. They use to be. I was able to max out my army PT test, no problem. I could push from here to China, all day, every day and not even get sore. And then I started having chronic dislocation problems that eventually resulted in shoulder surgery that I have since wished I had not done. There were several issue with my right shoulder that were repaired. I have not been able to do a push up the same way since. My range of motion is limited, even though I work on it every day. See, it happens to The Trainer too! However, we can all benefit from doing push ups regularly and properly. There are many videos out there. I like this guy, he is straight to the point. Now remember there are push up progressions but this is how we do a 'proper' push up:

Different kinds of push ups:

1. Traditional pushup

The basic starting point.

2. Wide-grip pushup

Engages the shoulders more.

3. Close-grip pushup

Engages the triceps more.

4. Clap pushup

Improves power and explosiveness.

5. One-leg pushup

Engages the core more.

6. Dead-stop pushup

Also known as a “hand-release pushup,” this can help ease tension on the joints.

7. Eccentric pushup

Emphasizes the muscle-lengthening phase of the pushup, enabling you to change the stimulus on your muscles.

8. Spider-Man pushup

Engages the core more and improves hip mobility.

9. One-armed incline pushup

Forces the chest to work in an unbalanced state.

10. Decline pushup

Works more of the upper chest and shoulders.

11. Incline pushup

Works more of the lower chest and triceps.

12. Modified Push Ups

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