You are training like a rock star. You feel better than you ever have, your clothes fit amazing, you know you look better than ever and everyone else notices as well. Now you are ready to tackle the world!

You decide it’s time for the next challenge. What should you train for? 5k? Mud Run? Triathlon? 10k? Spartan Race? Rugged Maniac? CrossFit Games? American Ninja Warrior? A Marathon? You settle on a half marathon because a full one is just too much running and you still want to get your lift on. You are excited, you talk to your trainer who agrees to train with you and run it too. The Trainer writes a kick ass program and you are all set to get started. You are READY! You have been waiting for this, working for this... You are going to CRUSH this half marathon!

Your official program doesn’t start for a few weeks but you are building a base. You meet with your trainer for a strength and functional fitness session. The Trainer sets up a cool circuit, you are PUMPED! Your first station is box jumps.... YAY! You love box jumps... ever since you got over the fear of them and are able to jump giant tires now... thanks to that same trainer. 😏 This is going to be FUN!

You set up and take your first jump. You completely over-jump the box, land off balance, and fall backwards onto the hard floor. You try to catch yourself and then it happens. Your first sports injury. You break your elbow.

You are likely looking at surgery, so the bone heals correctly. You are in a cast from shoulder to hand. Now what? This is a big blow and a huge disappointment. You were SO ready! It sucks, it truly sucks more than existing technology can accurately measure.  

Unfortunately, this happened last week to my friend during our training session. We are planning to do the Monster Dash half marathon in October. I am here to tell my friend that it’s not over. We can still do this and it will still be effective training. We will make adjustments. You are in the best shape of your life, the trainer can work with that. We work around the injury and at times with it. This will be harder than it was going to be but let’s do it anyway!

Injuries happen, but there is almost always a way to continue to train in one capacity or another.  Sometimes it takes a little creativity and even more discipline than it took to get in the best shape of your life. There may also be a teeny weeny, tiny, tiny, tiny, TINY bit more sacrifice that may have to occur (seems like you kind of already did that part, I know). However, you are worth it. Your goals are worth it. You only live once and you can make it happen! Annnnnnnnnd you have me! ;)

Here is a cool story about an ultra marathoner who continued training after she broke her elbow!  

Attention AXers! This Friday's (7/20) class will be at 6pm instead of 5:30pm.

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This weeks workout challenge, you need 1 dumbbell at a weight that is challenging but that you can still complete one minute circuits. Take about 15-20 seconds rest between each exercise. Repeat 3-5 rounds. Below are some videos from Fridays workout to help you. Email me or post with questions:

1 minute Goblet Step behinds

1 minute Alternating Dumbell snatches

1 minute squat to DB swing - No video for this one. Go into a LOW squat and hold. Holding your DB with both hands swing similar to a Kettlebell swing.

1 minute hand stand - See Picture above. If you absolutely cannot do this then try an elbow plank.

2 minutes repeat broad jumps