Hey there! 

Our first Sunday Runday was a great success! Sorry for the lack of a cool down, the home inspector arrived and The Trainer got distracted... Let’s grab a bite after next Sunday’s Run! 

Group trainings have been going very well! It’s so much fun to be surrounded by a community who is excited for the AX Fitness program! So proud to be your trainer and friend. Thank you so much for making me feel like I am giving the best part of me every day!

Challenge Workout

One medium to heavy dumbbell (15-30lbs) depending on your fitness level.
5 rounds for time.
Be aware of your form and don’t cheat! Let us know how you do....videos appreciated!

10 - Up/down planks AKA suicide planks

10 - Leg lifts

10 - Squat to tuck jump  

10 - Single arm DB snatch. 5 each arm. 

Just Keep Grooving!! 

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