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Small Group Training with Christine at the YMCA

The free introductory class will be on February 21 at 6:30PM. If you are not currently a YMCA member you will sign in as a guest at the front desk. There are lockers available. It is best to bring your own lock but they do have rental locks in case you forget. You will be directed to the Fitness Center PT Studio where I will be waving to you. Email me with any questions you have and I look forward to seeing you and kicking you AX!

Wednesday Workout #5: Squat HIIT

You will need nothing but time and space for today’s workout. Push yourself, test yourself, and tomorrow, when you go to sit down, remember who your favorite trainer is! 

Equipment: None
45/15 (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest)
6 rounds

Plank shoulder taps
Chest to floor burpees
Mountain climbers
Jack knife