Sports Enhancement Training
Shoreview YMCA

A number of community members have inquired about coming to the Shoreview YMCA once or twice a week for group training and here's how we're going to make that happen. The class is called Sports Enhancement Training. It is the closest thing to a traditional AX Fitness class that fits within YMCA guidelines for small group training. I will be offering a free trial before you commit to purchase so you can check out the drive time, facility and amenities, and see how much you truly miss me kicking your AX!

We would run these as 4 week sessions. You could purchase just once a month or you could purchase as many future months as you wanted. Since we are doing this as a specialty class for this group, you would have to purchase at our front desk. A session is one class per week for 4 weeks. You do not need to be a member to purchase this class. If you are a member, you get a discounted price. We could offer two classes a week but you would have to purchase each session so the cost would double.

We can keep this class rolling as long as there is interest. When warm weather arrives we can take it outside with all the tires, hills, and room to run. This would be a good opportunity supplement the blog workouts with high intensity group training.

Please take a gander at the options below. Send me an email if you are interested in coming to the free trial and let me know which night will work for you. Once I get those responses, I will set up the trial night.

Class time options

  • Monday 7:30p
  • Wednesday 6:30p
  • Thursday 6:30p

Pricing for non-members

  • 60min classes: $22 per class or $88/mo
  • 45min classes: $18 per class or $72/mo

Pricing for members

  • 60min classes: $16 per class or $64/mo
  • 45min classes: $12 per class or $48/mo
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Wednesday Workout #5: One dumbbell is all you need!

Equipment: One dumbbell (medium to heavy)

15 reps of each exercise
2 min of cardio in between sets

Complete all right side, then all left side. Two minutes of cardio between each set. Your choice of cardio: burpees, jumping jacks, sprint, bike, shuffles, lunge jumps, etc.

You can modify to 10-12 reps. But challenge yourself and, remember, you do not get stronger by using the same weight every time you workout.

Dumbbell swing

Full sit up with reach

Lawn mower pull

Squat thruster