Class Schedule


Class Schedule

4:30pAXCardio Box
6:30pAX HIIT


Classes with fewer than 4 clients registered may be subject to cancellation. Schedule is subject to change based on trainer availability. Class registration closes 1hr before class start time.

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What to bring

  • Gloves. Cardio Box participants must use their own heavy bag gloves. We have a few pairs of gloves for new clients to use.
  • Water bottle
  • Towel for sweat
  • Cross-training shoes. Bring dedicated gym shoes. Shoes worn outside will not be allowed on the gym floor.
  • Comfortable work out clothing
  • A lock. Lockers are available to store items during class.

Private training

  • Small group or personal training can be scheduled outside of regular class times.
  • Large groups can be scheduled during class times at a group rate.
  • Learn more about team training or personal training.

Getting here


Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

All classes vary each week and sometimes day-to-day. In most cases, we recommend that new clients start with Cardio Box or AX Box and progress to other classes.

Cardio Box

Level 1: Beginner
45 min.

Cardio kickboxing plus core development and muscular endurance for overall fitness. Participants must use their own heavy bag gloves.


Level 2: Intermediate
45 min.

Repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. This is a body weight HIIT class that blasts fat, improves endurance and overall fitness for the athlete in you.


Level 3: Advanced
55 min.

This is what AX Fitness has built its name on. Strength training combined with cardio, plyometrics, core development and flexibility for a full body workout. Max interval style training produces optimal results.


AX Workout of the Day! The WOD will be posted at AX and you will complete it on your own in the gym with your AX friends. A staff member will be available to answer questions.

Lifting Station

Solo or partner lifting session utilizing the power rack, weight machine, and free weights. This is a self-led session. Please do not disturb the group class.

  • Staff is present during your session.
  • You must sign up for Lifting Station in order to attend.
  • Lifting Station sessions will be deducted from your account the same way as our group fitness classes.
  • Lifting sessions may be cancelled by staff at any time.