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Member Spotlight: Joe Amundson


Member Spotlight: Joe Amundson

When did you start coming to AX Fitness and how did you hear about it? I started AX back in the summer of 2012. A friend of mine convinced me to come out and give it a try. Been at it ever since.

What were your fitness goals when you started and how is AX Fitness helping you reach those? I currently don't have any specific fitness goals. Really it's always just about "staying in shape" for me. I guess that definition could change over time, but for now it's basically to feel like I can compete in whatever and go at a high level.

How would you describe AX Fitness to a newbie? It's tough because I've never attended a true CrossFit or boot-camp class but I always tell people it's a combination of both. With a mean little twist, haha.

Here's Joe after he won the plank contest at our Open House

What advice would you give to anyone trying AX Fitness for the first time? Don't get discouraged (much easier said than done, I know). Everyone is at their own level of fitness. The good news is that progress and improvement should come quickly if you stay consistent with it.

What is your favorite part of AX Fitness? My favorite part of AX has gotta be the feeling you get afterwards. You really feel like you got a workout in. Like a real workout. It's definitely not a feeling I could get from working out on my own.

How do you stay motivated? I've been fortunate to have had the "workout" work ethic instilled in me very early in life, so it's always been something I just do from force of habit. It would be much more difficult to not workout than to keep it up (so far anyway, haha).

Is there anything else that you would like people to know? AX is a great way to get in shape, no matter what level you are at. Christine and everyone else I have met at workouts, etc. are super cool and make the atmosphere friendly and easy to give your all in.

Joe is an original member of the “Big Boys Club” aka mAX Fitness. The club meets on Wednesdays at 7pm for an extra mean workout. Trainer approval required.