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Member Spotlight: Shiver Me Kimbers


Member Spotlight: Shiver Me Kimbers

When did you start coming to AX Fitness and how did you hear about it? I heard about AX Fitness after the trainer lead a Minnesota RollerGirls league practice at the Xcel Energy Center concourse. Then, after talking with some fellow league-mates, decided to try it out when AX was still in Arden Hills, about August or July of 2012.

What were your fitness goals when you started and how is AX Fitness helping you reach those? My fitness goals were to increase my endurance and strength so that I could be a more effective blocker for the Minnesota RollerGirls All Star team.

How would you describe AX Fitness to a newbie? Harder than a bootcamp, more intense than CrossFit. It's an all-over body workout and tests your mental limits and when you're done, you REALLY feel like you've worked out.

What advice would you give to anyone trying AX Fitness for the first time? Pace yourself. You don't have to be the fastest at whatever thing Christine tells you to do, just be consistent and don't stop moving. It's always worse when you stop. And tell yourself that you can do it, because you can.

What is your favorite part of AX Fitness? It has continually pushed me harder, faster and mentally every time I go. I have seen visible improvement and my mental endurance is getting better. The workouts are ALWAYS challenging and different. I get bored real easy and she doesn't allow that to happen.

Shiver Me Kimbers

How do you stay motivated? In general, I stay motivated to continue working out at AX because it sucks when I take a week or two off and come back and my body is like, "What are you doing!?! We haven't moved like this in weeks!" Then the second time I work out it says, "Oh yeah, I remember this! I feel so good and strong! I can conquer the world!" I am also motivated by competition. If other people are doing something that I KNOW I can do better or faster or harder, and I'm just sucking wind, I will push it just a little bit harder than I would by myself. Also, I know the people that I work out with also want to push themselves and we feel so good when we go further than we thought we could.

Is there anything else that you would like people to know? AX is hard. It is a body and mental challenge, and I trust that Christine knows when to push and when to stop. Every week I get a new challenge and (almost) every week I meet that challenge. I can do handstands for almost two minutes, I can do walls sits for almost 10 minutes WITH a medicine ball, I can flip a 300+ lb tire over and over and over! I can do sprints (sometimes) and I can do 100 burpees in less than 4 minutes. All things I never wanted to do before because thought it was impossible, and now I don't even second guess my ability to do it.

Keep with it. I didn't start to see results until the third or fourth week of coming, and when I saw my hamstrings and quad definition, I wanted to keep it. So I kept going, and now I have some awesome arms too.

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