Hey all,

Just a quick check in. As much as we do not like it, we are moving into the fall months. We should be able to stay outside for a few more weeks, but will be moving workouts to the dungeon for the winter. Things to think about:

  • Less Space means class sizes will get smaller. Get signed up as far ahead of time as you can and if you need me to add another class even for one day, please communicate that. I can make it happen!

  • The Burpees & Beer Schedule is on hold until I know what October looks like. We could possibly do a last minute one or a last minute Backyard Burpees, so keep an eye out!!

  • I have no schedule yet nor a start date for the new job, so I can only plan 2-3 weeks out. I will have a month of training that will limit my availability. After that I will move into my regular schedule, which will get us on track for winter and some consistency. I will be on rotating days off but you should be able to get to 2 classes a week or more if you have day availability.

  • There will be a slight price increase beginning in October for small groups. I will roll that out to you when it happens.

YouTube VIDEOS: I did add a bunch from the summer but I still have many more to load. Here are a couple: