Living the dream is my favorite answer when people ask me how I am . I know it drips with sarcasm but maybe some day it will actually be true! I have not blogged in a while but rest assured we have been busy in class. Unfortunately, I have not had much time for blogging with all the job searching, divorce crap, taking care of a household and two dogs with one hand(literally, the other one was broken for several months), trying to do training sessions out of the house and keep up with Burpees & Beer. My apologies if you didn't know some of that was going on. Anyone that knows me, can tell you that I am an open book, almost to a fault. I believe in sharing life experiences good or bad. I feel that it helps take the pressure off others at times and builds connections. Sometimes, it does cause a bit of discomfort for certain people but I feel like that is healthy as well.

Things have been moving along a little better as of late. I have a pretty awesome roommate that has moved in, made my life a bit more manageable. I have had a few more job interviews which hopefully have gone well and we have had some new faces in AX Fitness class! All positive things….right?! Just keep my head above water, that is what I keep telling myself. Keep my head above water, get a good job with health benefits, try to stay healthy, don't let the stress wreck me, don't let the MS get me, do what it takes to be able to keep my home and take good care of my dogs. It all seems so simple when I lay it out like that. It will happen, it has to. There is no other choice.

What is happening with class and Burpees & Beer?

We are going to keep on ROCKING! I have loaded the September schedule as if I will not have a real job. If that changes, the schedule will adjust around that. I have put every other Saturday back in for now. We only have 2 Burpees and Beer scheduled for September at the moment, that could also change. Burning Brothers is always a blast and that is on September 11th! We have a SPECIAL BACKYARD BURPEES & BBQ on September 18th. This is an end of summer BASH! Please join us, we plan to have have WAY TOO MUCH FUN! Please check it out on Eventbrite :

I do not have any fun pictures or videos at the moment. I am behind on posting them to YouTube. I will catch up at some point. Also, I no longer have an editor for my blog or website. Now you will see how much I adore run on sentences! I am just proud of myself, that I got that LEARN MORE button in there! HA HA HA!

You all take care and keep moving! I plan to do the same!

Trainer OUT!