Hey there!

The Trainer is in the house and ready to get back to work. Get signed up for these next two Burpees & Beer events ASAP and invite your friends, share on social media, and just help us get the word out. It’s with your help and persistence that we can keep these events going and add more dates. Let our community work together to provide these workouts and get people involved in functional fitness.

March Challenge Contest:

If you would like to participate in our March challenge, you will be entered into a drawing to win 2 free training sessions and a really cool training shirt! You must post a video of yourself completing the whole challenge to either Instagram or Facebook. You will need to tag AX Fitness  to be eligible. If you have questions about the challenge please email or text me prior to posting.


4 Plank Jax

4 Tuck Jumps

4 Walk Outs

4 Alternating Reverse Lunges

4 Minutes Total/AMRAP

DANCE and STRETCH party: