It was a super hot and super fun day! There is nothing more satisfying than being with your community, your people… and completing a challenge like this. The obstacles were more difficult than years prior and it was as hot as it has ever been. We had three people who have never run a race like this before. These races are great for so many reasons. Training for a specific event is a great way to up your fitness game!

I am so proud of everyone who participated. Watching you all laugh and have fun made my heart full! I look forward to the Monster Dash in October and anticipate as much joy as yesterday! We wore our AX Fitness colors with much pride! Interestingly, Farrell’s gym had over 500 participants, all in red. They actually took up two full waves. It was CRAZY but pretty cool and impressive. I ran into a trainer from the YMCA and friends that I had not seen in a very long time. It’s just incredible how OCR and other races have become a vehicle for fitness minded folks to get involved and build community and it is just SO MUCH FUN!

Here are some photos of our day: