Hey there,

Just exploring the idea of having group runs on Sundays. I am going to choose 10AM. I know that’s late for some folks... but it’s closer to beer time and one can still enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee prior. With enough folks, we can pair people off... warm up and cool down together and maybe grab a bite or a beer after. I am just gauging interest before I set this up so email or text me if you think this would be fun and cool. I would like this to be a longer run at a comfortable pace to chat with someone. I imagine this would run through the fall and if folks were so inclined to continue into the winter with certain parameters, I would be up for that as well. 

Just a reminder that Scout's Birthday Potluck is Friday. We have brats and dogs... any other grill item is on you. Please bring a dish to pass, beverage, and a lawn chair if you can. You do not have to participate in the Friday workout at 5:30, but it is encouraged. Just let us know if you plan to do one or both. There is a sign up on Facebook or on signup.com.  

We hope that you are staying busy and/or active. We have included the Friday workout today. We encourage you to at least try the challenge. You will need to be able to “Christine Speak” to figure some of it out.  Or you can just ask. 


Keep moving and stay in touch with our community! We have been really missing you and your sweat!

Trainer Out!

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