Hey folks! We got a little distracted this past week and we’re unable to post at our normal time. This weather has been a real downer. We are actually four weeks from the beginning of planting season for you gardeners. It doesn't seem like that could be possible at the moment. AX Training in South Minneapolis has begun and we are anxiously waiting for spring to get outside and use some tires!

Just a few thoughts today, if have not already done so, setting some short term goals can be helpful with keeping you on track with your fitness. The month of April is the 30 days of biking challenge, which is a pretty cool thing to try. It doesn't matter how far you bike or if you are on an indoor bike, a challenge like this is not only fun but can really help you get back in the swing of things and be consistent with at least one aspect of your training. The Get in Gear is coming up at the end of April, we have some folks signed up for that one. There is still time to join us. We will try to do one race, challenge or healthy get together a month through the spring and summer. There is pretty much a brewery run every weekend from now through October in Minnesota. We are fortunate to have some of the countries best state park and trail systems, hiking is awesome exercise for you and your furry friends. Throw a backpack on and now you are really cooking!

Get signed up something or maybe plan a few hiking or biking trips. Set some goals for yourself. We all tend to do more if we actually plan it, get it on our calendars, and stop making excuses. We have to take that first step to commit and then it gets easier. We just have to KEEP MOVING!