On many occasions I have had someone cuss at me under their breath, roll their eyes or simply complain about having to do any sort of jump. So why should we jump?  Box jumps are one of the most complete exercises anyone can do. Box jumps will help to improve your vertical jump, speed, and endurance, as well as increase your coordination to help you excel in your overall fitness. 

Box jumps really get your metabolism rocking! When you’re jumping at a fast pace, your body burns 800 to 1,000 calories an hour (compare that to 200 to 300 calories burned per hour while walking). And since high intensity jumping stimulates changes in the mitochondria (where fuel is converted into energy at the cellular level), your body will burn fat before carbohydrates — always good news for anyone trying to lose weight.

Obviously, We are all at a different level and will need to start with a comfortable height. You do not need an actual box. You can use any sturdy/safe flat surface. Some people use benches or stairs, I have even seen someone use a table. I really like to add burpees to box jumps  to add more cardio and muscle groups.

Here are a few basic tips for technique:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, at a comfortable distance from the box.

2.When you are ready to jump, drop quickly into a quarter squat, then extend your hips, swing your arms and push your feet through the floor to propel yourself onto the box.

3. Do not "stick" your landing. Instead, envision the way cats land when they jump from something- they land softly and quietly and you should too.


10 box jumps

20 sit ups

10 box jumps

20 Walk Outs (with or without push up)

10 box jumps

20 Kettlebell or Dumbbell swing(use 15-30Lbs).

10 box jump burpees( the box jump is the jump to the burpee)

Repeat for at least 3 rounds. If you are more advanced you should be able to do 4-5 rounds.


Just a reminder that group workouts are happening on Tues/Fri nights right now(usually 5:30). With 6 or more, the drop in rate is $10.  With 4-5 people it is $15.  I also have availability on Mon/Thursday AM before Noon. If you have more questions about times or rates, just shoot me an email! We have had a ton of fun so far!