I'm excited to share that I'll be opening up a limited number of spots for training in South Minneapolis. I will have availability and more information for you in an upcoming post. Feel free to contact me if this interests you.

I am still offering the small group class on Wednesday nights at the Shoreview YMCA. Last week, was a 25lb plate special that included inch worms and plate pushes! I love that class!

Training tip

Please always remember to get a 5-10 minute warm up in before beginning any training session. It is also beneficial for you to stretch and foam roll after your workouts.

Bears and dumbbells

Equipment: Dumbbells
4-5 rounds

1 min - Bear crawls
10 - Dumbbell overhead squat (light to medium dumbbells)
1 min - Lateral bear crawls
10 - Dumbbell power snatch (medium to heavy dumbbells)
1 min - Backwards bear crawls
10 - Alternating lunges with bicep curls (medium dumbbells)