At the studio, we always did these with a 25lb plate, which can be tough if you are not yet at that strength level. Some people can use 35lbs. One can use a 10lb plate if you are new to this but most people don't have plates between 10lbs and 25lbs. This is one reason why our AX Community was a buff group. A dumbbell can be substituted if necessary.

Wednesday Workout #7: Plate Power

Perform 5 minute dynamic warm up prior to workout.

Equipment: One plate, 10-35lbs.

10-15 reps of each exercise
1 minute cardio in between rounds
3-4 rounds

Wall sit with chest press
Wood chopper / 10-15 each side
Pick up, table and overhead press
Leg lifts with plate press
Sumo squats
Drop and catch / 10-15 each side
Plank drag through / 10-15 each side
High knees with plate overhead  - 1 min (modification: 30-45 seconds)