It was or first time at the Monster Dash and just like at the Rugged Maniac… We had a BLAST! We ran, cheered, drank a few beers, wore our new AX YOUR MONSTER race shirts, and just had a really fun day. Many Fitness studios are built on numbers and trends but ours is definitely built on community. One that has such a positive affect on each other. I am so grateful for having these folks in my life every day.

I often speak to my clients about short term goals. We had four people who had never finished a 5K before and they ran the whole damn way! I am so proud of everyone. A few blogs and 14 weeks ago, I talked about my friend who broke her elbow on a box jump. She ran the 10 Mile race with another client who had not raced that far before yesterday. What an incredible feat for both of them!

Here are some photos from the Monster Dash. We will let you know what our next adventure will be!