Hey all,

As we move into the winter months, we are making a few adjustments:

  • Our class size will max out at six for group training. If you happen to be the seventh person, please email me and I will put you on a wait list.

  • We can always add a second class on Tues/Fri and I will consider an every other Saturday morning if interest is high.

  • Friday’s will go back to 5:30p, so that there is an option to add a second class.

  • We created a pretty nice sized space at Scout’s house for the winter. We are not quite finished; there will be a few added touches. Sliders will be the death of you all!!!

  • Remember to bring different shoes during these wet and cold months. Otherwise, you will be in your stocking feet!

  • We have some little things to add but here are a few photos:

basement photo1.jpg
basement photo3.jpg
basement photo4.jpg
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