Meet Tonya Eckert, AKA " The Gymnast". Tonya has been a member at AX Fitness for more than three years now. She is an amazing member of our community. We love her work ethic. Tonya helps to provide a healthy competition between many of our athletic members. She often sets the bar for the rest of our community. As her Trainer, I have to work hard to stay ahead of her, and it is frustrating when I cannot beat her in our monthly challenges! Having Tonya around holds us all accountable.

Our in-studio journalist, Melissa Wolfe caught up with Tonya to ask her about her sports injury and how AX Fitness benefits her at this point in her life.

1) What physical challenge do you face going into your workouts?

I had a lumbar fusion, fusing my L4 and L5 vertebrates, due to a sports injury.

2) How has AX Fitness helped you continue your commitment to your fitness goals, despite the challenge?

AX Fitness has allowed me to continue working out, but being able to modify when necessary. It's a safe environment, where if you are limited to do doing something you don't need feel bad about it. There's always modifications that can be done that give you the same benefits of the full workout. 

3) What advice do you have for others who might be struggling with the same challenge but really need that push to help them believe they can do it?

It really just comes down to the individual, you have got to want to get better. It's going to hurt, but eventually it won't hurt as much. I was a gymnast for over 18 years, I couldn't just stop working out and I needed direction in workouts. AX Fitness has helped provide a place I feel safe to workout in, and I know what my limitations are. You know when you can push your body and when you can't. If you can't it's totally fine, just modify! 

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