That's right! I am back! The heart of our AX Fitness community is still beating and I want to make sure that continues. What does that mean? It means that if you follow this blog, every week I will give you a workout or workouts, tips, advice, invite you to local social gatherings and a little bit of that sass you love to hate. We will check in with former members, people I work with at the YMCA and put together a team that will engage in some local races and social events. We are already working on a list of races and mud runs. And for those of you in Scout's Crew we will check in with Scout and see what she is up to. Her life has changed and so has she.

When you sign up for this blog you will receive 2 emails a week. Here is what you can expect to see:

Mondays: Weekly Challenge- Each week you will be invited to participate in our body weight challenge. We encourage you to take a video and send it to us. We may post these to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes you will win a prize (not every time).

Workout Wednesdays- You will get the workout or workouts of the week. This could include a video link, tips or blog article about fitness related subjects, check ins with our community and SCOUT!

I am still available for personal training, buddy training and small group training at the Shoreview YMCA. I am also available to make you a specialized program for all your fitness and training goals. I look forward to growing our community! Our first social hour will be on January 26th. Details to follow.

Let's ROCK 2018!  Trainer OUT!