1) How long have you been a member of AX Fitness? I have been an actual member since April 2016. I started coming in February because my husband bought me a groupon. I loved it from the start!

2) What are your fitness goals?
My fitness goals are to of course lose weight, gain lean muscle and to be healthier inside and out!

3) How has AX Fitness helped you meet your fitness goals and stay motivated?  My goals are what keeps me motivated, so far I have done the ax box and cardio box super fun not easy at all but I love the push Christine or whomever is doing the class gives us! They want to see us be successful and meet our goals!

4) How is AX Fitness different from other gyms you have tried? This gym is different because it feels like a family, from my first day coming everyone was welcoming and helpful! The trainers know your name and are helpful and let you go at your own pace until you catch on, after that its go time no excuses get to work! You get out of it what you put in! When you walk in you feel comfortable and it's super fun! When I started coming I could not do 1 burpee, now I am able to do them and I even do them outside of class!!!

5) Since coming to AX Fitness, do you think you have a better chance of out-running a grizzly bear? Lol, I think I am very close to being able to out run a grizzly bear! And the classes here are helping me to get there.