1. What are your fitness goals?
To become stronger and have more defined muscles in order to be a better lumberjack! (I was recently certified by the US Forest Service on the Crosscut saw. LOL - true!) To be able to jump and sprint without being anxious, feeling like I’m going to spew. (I started self-training, running stairs, to help combat this. It is working!) To be able to do even just one friggin’ pull up.

2. When did you start coming to AX Fitness?
A couple years ago -- I needed to get my tail in shape for MN Roller Girls Boot Camp. I’ve been coming on and off, ever since. Lately, I’m more “on” due to being more serious about reaching and maintaining a desired fitness level to feel good and promote better aging. I want to be alive and thrive for a long time. Ax is helping me do that.

3. Why do you come to AX Fitness and not another gym?
It’s all about Christine! She athletically motivates people in a way unlike anyone I have ever met, can. Each session is so varied and fun, you almost want to keep coming back just to see what new thing she’s going to do next. She is also very aware, and respectful, that everyone is at a unique level; she knows how to push each person to their individual limits. What a great feeling to think “I am not sure I can do this.” and then prove to yourself that you CAN. Lastly, Christine is never boring! What other trainer busts a (dance) move like she does?! 

4. What is your favorite class?
I love AX Box because it intertwines Cardio box, which is pure fun, with strength training and conditioning. It’s the perfect combination, for me.

5. Do you ever wonder how the head trainer comes up with soooo many variations on burpees?
Yeah, and I am so glad she does. Keeps it interesting.

6. Do you think AX has adequately prepared you for the zombie apocalypse?
I’m close to perfecting my “David-Lee-Roth” kick to the head (in self- defense, of course) to combat zombies and criminals, alike!