1. How long have you two been members of AX Fitness? We have been going to AX Fitness for 2 years and 2 months

2. What are each of your fitness goals? Jessie: I want to be lean and of course look good in my bathing suit, but I also want to be strong so I can be active and do the things I want without worrying about injuring myself, as well as to minimize pain and injury as I age.

Nate: I want to be healthy and physically fit to enjoy life.

3. How has AX Fitness helped you to achieve your fitness goals? Jessie: AX Fitness has challenged me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.  AX has pushed me to limits that have allowed me to feel confident in what I do and what I am now capable of.

Nate: AX Fitness has helped me to become stronger and physically able to do more things on vacation or in everyday life.

4. Why AX Fitness and not some other gym? Jessie: The people at AX are why I keep coming back!  Christine is a charismatic trainer that brings the AX community together, and the members of AX fitness are friendly, welcoming and competitive in a healthy manner.

Nate: I like the creative workouts, the down to earth people, and personal style training received from Christine.

5. Do you ever get a little competitive with each other in class? Jessie:  Yes and no I get a little pouty when Nate runs faster or jumps higher than I do, but I am sure there are things I do better than him…he just won’t admit it! 

Nate: No, I am just glad we found a great place to work out and be ourselves.

6. If you had to pick an animal that best exhibits the qualities of our head trainer, what would it be?

Jessie: Cheetah

Nate: Squirrel!