You’ve heard about the couple that plays together, stays together. Why can’t playing include working out? Experts say couples who workout together are happier, more connected, and more likely to stay together.

Nick, a carrier with the U.S. Postal Service, and Jenna, a surgical scheduler and full-time Engineering student, recently got married (just on September 12!). While Jenna gets more challenge at Cardio Box and Nick really feels the burn at the flagship AX class, they both seem to agree on why they joined AX – and what keeps them coming.

Why did you join AX?

Jenna: I wanted to get in shape for our wedding. I’d been working out at Planet Fitness for more than a year and I’d only gone twice! So I Googled gyms near where we live. AX was one of the gyms that came up. It’s only .2 miles away from where we live, so I tried out the intro unlimited week last November. I loved it and wanted to try more classes, but knew the holiday season was going to be busy, so I came back in January and tried it out for a month. With it being so close to where I live and the fun people who worked out there, I wasn’t going to have any excuse to not go, so I signed-up for a six-month contract.

Nick: I’d been complaining for months about wanting to get in shape. I admittedly didn’t think Jenna was going to keep going after she signed up. But she did and then started bugging me to join, so I tried out one of the free classes. I was impressed, so I tried the unlimited intro package. Since then, I’ve signed on for the month-to-month contract.

What do you like most about AX?

Jenna: I really enjoyed the full-body workout. Being in a group environment, I was challenged more than I would have had I been on my own. Plus, I never know what to expect because it all changes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis so I never feel like I plateau with my fitness. Some weeks seem easier, but then another day it completely knocks you out. Christine keeps it fun and pushes you to work harder.

Nick: Christine (The Trainer) really pushed me to keep working hard. I’d tried the big box gyms in the past, but I’d stop going after a while. Having someone keep me accountable makes a difference. My favorite workout is still when she sets up stations that we rotate around. It’s one of the few times where you can see what's coming!

What differences have you noticed since joining AX?

Jenna: My goal was to tone and lose inches, which I’ve done. Plus, I have more energy and stamina when working out. I also had a goal to improve my upper body strength, which has – more than I expected. Members also organize to do cool things, whether it’s getting a team to run in the Warrior Dash or forming a group on Facebook to encourage us to eat healthier and avoid sugar, which I joined.

Nick: While I’m definitely in better shape and I’ve lost a few pounds, the biggest change is that I have more energy overall throughout the day. Plus, it’s brought us closer together in that we suffer through the workouts together! We motivate one another to get up and keep going.

What would you say to people on the fence about joining?

Nick: Try it for one day and see how you like it. It wasn't what I expected it to be – it was fun. I thought I'd be coming into a gym and do a boring workout. The exercises and variety is fun and keeps me engaged. Everyone is at different fitness levels and I never felt intimidated because everyone goes at their own pace and builds from there.

Jenna: Give it more than one class – try out more classes so you can see the variety. Plus, you’ll get a better idea of the dynamic and different people who come to AX. It’s a really positive environment where everyone is encourages others. I love how I feel and definitely plan to keep up with it after the wedding.