The best thing that I do is train people. I am a motivator, cheerleader, counselor, and friend to my clients. This should have been my career many years ago but I am happy and fortunate that it is now. I had to go through hell and back to get here and I would do it again if I had to. We all have a story and mine can be a little dreadful to listen to at times but I am here now thriving in this awesome local community of folks that are a lot like me. The fitness industry is extremely competitive. It is not easy to stay in business when you are one female trainer in a small studio trying to do everything. You have to be willing to sacrifice your own lifestyle in many ways to promote the lives of others. There is very little income to actually live on. Every cent made is to keep the business doors open.

I know what it will take to get this business to the next level. I need more trainers, more class options, better equipment and perhaps even a bigger facility eventually. I run a small business with low equipment costs. I did that on purpose so I could keep my business open. I always tell people that I could train anyone, anywhere, with a little space and some duct tape. It is true, but we have to progress. My functional and sustainable theories are where it is at in fitness. I know this and I have proved it. We have made this model work for athletes and for people that just want to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We have built a community of like minded people that look forward to their sweat time and social time with the friends they have made here. We have an open, safe environment for everyone. Our clients take pride and ownership of being a member here and supporting each other.

We are at a point where we have to expand. We are slowly growing and the heart of this community beats louder every day. We are currently working with the SBA to make our progressive business plan. We are looking for investors, grants and funding for the expansion of AX. We do have a specific goal in mind and if anyone is interested in learning more about that or being a part of it please email me at: In the mean time, we are trying to get enough votes on Facebook to be considered for a grant from Chase Bank. We need 250 votes to have our proposal considered. We only have a few more days to do this so if you would be so inclined to help out our small, woman-owned fitness studio, we would really appreciate it. Please vote and share and beg for AX Fitness using this link:

Hugs, hearts and burpees,

The Trainer