The Challenge: No sugar in June! #30daysaxthesugar

Remember, this is for your own health and awareness. The prize you win is knowledge and seeing/feeling what a difference this makes. There are stricter versions of this but it is not necessary for this challenge.

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Here are some suggestions to guide you:

  1. READ YOUR LABELS! No added sugar or sweeteners of any kind allowed.
  2. Don't add sweeteners of any kind to your food or drinks.
  3. No White theory helps eliminate processed food and added sugars. Eliminate white sugar, salt, pasta or bread. Bread has added sugar unless it is sprouted grain.
  4. Do your research. If you are not sure...there is PLENTY of information out there for you.
  5. Natural occurring sugar in food is acceptable. But just remember fruit juice is NOT fruit and does not metabolize the same way without fiber found in whole fruit. Also, the fruit at the bottom of yogurt is SWEETENED. Eat plain Greek yogurt which has about 6 grams of naturally occurring sugar. You can use Greek yogurt to replace many things like mayonnaise and sour cream.
  6. You can find adult beverages with natural occurring sugar or no sugar. Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. I did this with beer. I still drink it but I cut back. If you have a drink daily you will want to stop that during this 30 days and keep it to a minimum.
  7. A whey protein shake with Greek yogurt and whole fruit in the morning is a good way to get your day started and gets your metabolism rockin’!
  8. Remember that if you consume even natural occurring sugar, it metabolizes faster when consumed with protein.
  9. Your grocery list should begin in the produce aisle. 80% of your groceries should be perishable.
  10. Generally speaking organic dark chocolate is acceptable in limited amounts. HOWEVER, during this 30 day challenge it is NOT. I did not add this back into my diet until months later.
  11. Any food challenge is only as good as your overall diet. You must give your body what it needs to succeed. Fruit is a great replacement for sugar but too much fruit and not enough activity will be counteractive.
  12. If you are a person that eats a lot of sugar you may experience withdrawals in the first week. Tough it out!
  13. Log your food and record your experiences. Take pictures and don’t forget to use the hashtag: #30daysaxthesugar