When did you start coming to AX and how did you hear about it?

I started coming to AX as a New Year's Resolution for 2014. So January of this year. My friend and I heard about it through Groupon and gave it a try. It was so good, I stayed.

What were your fitness goals when you started and how is AX Fitness helping you reach those? My fitness goals are to be healthy and look good. I am chained to a desk for most of the day and my body wasn't being worked in the ways that it used to. Because of regularly attending AX, I feel great and like how I look. I have even heard from a dance instructor who hadn't seen me in a year, that I look different and move differently because of the results I am getting at AX.

How would you describe AX Fitness to a newbie? I would describe AX Fitness as the perfect combination of group fitness class and an individualized workouts. The trainer leads class in a way that is challenging for everyone but customizable for those who either need a break and have to take it easy, or can be made more challenging for those who have high goals. It's unique and challenging every time.

What advice would you give to anyone trying AX Fitness for the first time? EAT AND DRINK PROPERLY BEFORE COMING TO CLASS. You have to be hydrated and fueled to expect to make it through a challenging workout like AX Fitness. I made this mistake my first time and had to take a couple of little breaks from the intensity ;)

What is your favorite part about AX Fitness? My favorite part of AX is that is challenging. Coming from years of formal dance, I need to have an instructor that can push me in ways that I can't even identify by myself. Christine has gotten to know and understand how I workout and pushes me and my body harder each day. Paired with a group setting where everyone is going hard, you make progress quickly and feel the results.

How do you stay motivated? To get to the workout: Knowing that my efforts are showing results and craving more. During the workout: Lots of high energy, sassy beats. Luckily, AX plays my mix a lot.

Is there anything else that you would like people to know? You have to know that AX is a community of people all with fitness goals. That community is friendly and welcoming and refuses to let you make yourself invisible. With that said, you understand that not only is the trainer watching you but the class is too - but only to help challenge and encourage you. For me, having a community that welcomes me and pushes me is the perfect combination for success.