Funtimes in AX Fitness Class
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World Health Organization, 1948

So, we figured this out a while ago, but why is it taking such a long time to catch on to this idea? My clients frequently hear me say that fitness is personal. Our reasons for beginning a fitness regimen and for making healthy choices are varied. Almost all of those are personal. I say almost because there are those who do things simply because it is the latest fad or craze and they just want to say that they are a part of it. I am not writing for them, I am writing for those of you who have personal reasons for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Since we are talking about choices, why do people want to find a bargain for the two most important aspects of health? They buy cheap, processed food or they say they are too busy to cook and eat out every day of the week. Then come all the New Years resolutions and they buy a membership to the big box gym for $20 a month. They never use the membership OR they lack knowledge and motivation to get the results they need. I am sorry folks, but 20 minutes of leisurely pedaling that spin bike then hitting the sauna is just not going to do it. BUT you do get to say that you went to the gym that day!  You can choose to spend your money on new shoes that you don't need, the latest iPhone, cable TV, concerts, alcohol, toys that your kids don't need or maybe don't deserve, vacations where you have to look at the pictures and wonder how you got so out of shape. Go ahead buy the newest P90X video and convince yourself that you will do it every day right after you watch The Biggest Loser and eat a bag of Cheetos. Get a bigger car instead of investing in your health, that will REALLY make you feel better!

Research has revealed that the combination of exercise, healthy eating, emotional and mental balance delivers even more positive, powerful results than just one of those areas alone. Can you achieve this on your own? It is not impossible but more than likely not probable. You are definitely not a community all by yourself and, as driven and motivated as some people are, you still need outside opinions and motivations. This is not an easy task. This is a lifestyle choice which changes every aspect of every single thing that you do or happens in your life. Simply changing our diet is a daunting task and let's not lie about this, it can be expensive and time consuming!

Now you may be thinking: "Okay smarty pants Trainer, this is where you try to sell me on your fitness program." Not necessarily. This is where I tell you to invest in your health, because there is only one you. Invest in a program that can get you the results you need, without injuring you on a regular basis. Invest in a trainer that tells you the truth and can motivate you. Invest in a community of like minded individuals that can identify with you and support you. Make lifestyle choices that lead to positive outcomes. Don't just go to the big box gym because you can get an insurance break or because it has a sushi or juice bar. You will be setting yourself up for failure. A very small percentage of the population actually has enough knowledge and drive to get anything out of that type of gym membership. More than likely it is not you.

According to Time Magazine, the Twin Cities are the most fit cities in America. We tend to have higher levels of physical fitness and lower rates of heart disease and diabetes. That is remarkable since we spend about half the year hibernating! In the Twin Cities we have many healthy options available to us. When I decided to put AX Fitness in Minneapolis, I did it specifically for this reason. To give you a healthy option. You get to choose to invest in yourself, a small business, and our community. You get to choose to make an hour of fitness the most productive hour of your day instead of a task to cross off your list. You get to choose an organic, no pressure atmosphere over corporate america and every stereotype that comes with those establishments. Fitness is a lifestyle choice, make the right choice for you!